Haleakalā National Park Tours and Downhill Bike Experience

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Home of the original Freestyle SELF-GUIDED Haleakala Downhill experience. Enjoy the freedom and independence of biking at your own pace. No lines to follow, no timetable to keep, it’s your day on the mountain.


Sunrise Special Trip

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The Sunrise Special arrives at Haleakala's 10,023' summit to view the sunrise at the rim of the crater (something you'll never forget!) Mark Twain described sunrise at the summit of Haleakala, "...the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed". You'll then be taken to the base of Haleakala National Park at 6,500 feet to begin your 23 mile self-guided downhill bike tour!

Summit Deluxe Trip

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With a 9am check-in, the Summit Deluxe Ride brings you to Haleakala National Park to view the summit, crater and then the visitor center. After visiting the crater, you'll take a van 10 miles and 3000 feet down the mountain. Outside of the park entrance at 6500' you'll begin your self guided 23 mile downhill bike tour back to the store. It is your day on the mountain, so remember to have fun!

Haleakala Express

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Our Haleakala Express Trips check in at our store at 9am. What makes this trip more affordable is that we don't include the two hour Haleakala National Park van tour that we do in our tours above. If you've already visited Haleakala National Park, then this may be the trip for you. As with our other tours, there's no time limit, no timetable, no lines to keep.

Maui Upcountry Vehicle Tours

After almost 2 decades of successful vehicle tours of Haleakala National Park in conjunction with our bike tours, Bike Maui is having Haleakala EcoTours handle all transportation including non-bike tours of Haleakala, Upcountry Maui and even the Central Valley. We're excited to announce that effective January 1st, 2018, Haleakala EcoTours will be one of the very few authorized partners to Haleakala National Park. Haleakala EcoTours will be responsible for all vehicular tours as well as Bike Maui vehicular transportation.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since 1995, Bike Maui has put great effort into promoting the health and sustainability of our community and environment. While a lot has changed since our inception and we have grown much throughout the years, our commitment to that mission hasn’t wavered. At Bike Maui, we continue to integrate sustainable practices throughout our business and utilize our resources responsibly to do so. Conservation, preservation and education is our goal. From the tours we provide to the locations we visit, procedures we practice, and activities we provide, all of it is done with these specific goals in mind.

hawaii eco tourism sealBike Maui continues to promote healthy, active lifestyles with the Bike Down Haleakala adventure, and has done so for nearly 20 years. The informative and entertaining tours we provide have allowed us to educate our guests about sustainability, conservation, Maui’s natural resources, and the history and culture of our communities and the Hawaiian people. Along with the hundreds of charitable organizations, events, schools, projects and programs we support, Bike Maui continually looks forward to better understand and integrate our role in helping the environment and community, as well as passing that information along to our guests. After all, this Earth is home to all of us.