Haleakala Express

Self-Guided Bike Tour


Check-In Time: 9:30 AM

Get ready to dive into an unforgettable adventure on Maui with our Haleakala Express Self-Guided Bike Tour. This thrilling express package takes you on a heart-pounding bike ride down the legendary “Fabulous 29” switchbacks, followed by a scenic exploration of Maui’s upcountry.




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1. Check-In at 9:30 AM:

Your adventure begins with a convenient check-in at 9:30 AM. This well-timed start allows you to make the most of your day on Maui.


2. Vehicle Tour to 6,500 ft Elevation:

Jump aboard our comfortable vehicle for a scenic tour that ascends to an elevation of approximately 6,500 feet outside Haleakala National Park. Along the way, soak in the breathtaking views and fresh mountain air, setting the stage for your exhilarating ride.


Self Guided Express Bike Ride


3. “Fabulous 29” Switchbacks:

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping descent down the world-famous “Fabulous 29” switchbacks. You’ll have the opportunity to navigate these iconic twists and turns not just once, but TWICE! The journey offers an incredible blend of excitement and natural beauty, showcasing panoramic vistas of Maui’s landscapes.


4. Upcountry Scenic Tour:

After your bike ride, meet our tour van for an upcountry scenic tour. This segment of the adventure allows you to explore the picturesque upcountry region of Maui, where you’ll encounter serene countryside, charming communities, and a glimpse of the island’s rich culture. A stop in Makawao town for lunch is a delightful experience. This charming upcountry town on Maui offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You can expect to find quaint cafes and local eateries serving up delicious lunch options. Enjoy a hearty meal while surrounded by rustic storefronts, art galleries, and a laid-back vibe.


Self Guided Express Upcountry Views


The Haleakala Express Self-Guided Bike Tour is tailored for those seeking the thrill of downhill biking and a glimpse into Maui’s interior beauty. With a focus on the iconic “Fabulous 29” switchbacks and an upcountry scenic tour, this express package promises an exciting and memorable day on the “Valley Isle.” Join us for an exhilarating adventure that will leave you with lasting memories of Maui’s diverse landscapes and vibrant culture.





  • Bike down Haleakala and see scenic Upcountry Maui.
  • Extended vehicle tours are available for those not biking


  • KONA® mountain bikes: Designed for downhill biking with hydraulic disc brakes
  • DAKINE® backpacks
  • Helly Hansen® rain gear
  • Bell® helmets
  • Map and directions


  • Masks
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Layered clothing
  • Sweatshirt or jacket
  • Sweatpants or jeans (comfortable, no bell bottoms)
  • A knit cap or hat
  • Sunglasses or regular prescription glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Day pack (to store belongings in the vehicle)
  • Small snacks
  • Water




  • Understand and acknowledge the risks involved in such an activity and sign a risk acknowledgment form before riding
  • Be 15 years old or older
  • Have recent bike riding experience
  • Be over 4’10” tall
  • Be physically capable of enduring this outdoor activity
  • Be free of any medications that may cause drowsiness
  • Not be pregnant
  • Not weigh over 300 lbs
  • Wear closed-toe shoes
  • Groups of more than 6 participants must book a GUIDED Bike Tour.

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Fun activity to mix it up.

Good bikes and provided some good gear. Done the express tour twice now and loved it!

– Olivia G. | Google

What a great experience!

Organized very well, yet it never felt constrained or rushed. The ride up was easy and enjoyable. The roll down was as challenging as you wanted to make it and fun all the way. We did the Express ride (from ~6500 feet). Next time I’m on this island, I’ll definitely do the longer ride. Highly recommend!

– Michael C. | Facebook

An absolute must on Maui

The tour guides were efficient and thorough as well as entertaining. They answered questions and provided information about the island and it’s history. Wonderful experience! Highly recommend !!!

– Tingail | TripAdvisor

Great Time

This was our 3rd time doing the express tour and it was great again. The bikes were great and our guide Austin was very helpful and informative. Always enjoy stopping at the Kula market for a sandwich and drink. Got a little wet this time after lunch, but that just added to the excitement! Glad we took the rain coats that were provided.

– Jerry D. | Facebook

Fun and Informative

My wife and I did the express ride last week. The whole process was smooth, from getting equipment to the ride up. Our driver (Fred) gave a great talk of the region and solid advice of how to attack the ride. I would definitely book these guys again!

– Jeff G. | Facebook

Top Notch

A top notch experience all around! We did the self-guided Haleakala Express tour and loved it! Kimo was an excellent guide, as we ascended the mountain. Very entertaining and personable! The entire staff was very welcoming and their bikes were awesome! I would highly recommend Bike Maui!

– Jeffrey R. | Google


Hawaii Ecotourism Association’s mission is to protect Hawaii’s unique, natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel and educational programs.

The National Association for Interpretation (NAI) is dedicated to advancing the profession of heritage interpretation and facilitating the stories of our natural and cultural resources.



Know Before You Go

Haleakala is a 10,000 ft volcano and as you bike down Haleakala through scenic Upcountry Maui, you will experience incredible views, a fascinating history, and underappreciated culture. However, you are also riding in unfamiliar territory, through unpredictable weather, on rental bicycles, and on paved public roadways.

Elements to be Aware of on Bike Ride:

Some elements that you need to be aware of may include but are not limited to the following:

Curving/winding paved roads with many 180 degree turns
Steep inclines and declines
Road reflectors, guardrails, and pylons in place for cars, not for bicycles
Roadway debris
Varying climate including hot and cold temperatures, dry and wet weather, high altitude and minimal visibility
Vehicular traffic – private and commercial

Before you participate in this activity, please consider the risks involved which are not limited to those listed here or in the waiver and risk acknowledgement form. You must be capable of competently riding a bicycle and should have recent biking experience.

Requirements to Participate:

Have recent biking experience
Ability to use a mountain bike with disc brakes, suspension, and gears
Capable of completing several miles of a downhill bike ride at a safe speed
Physically healthy and not have health concerns that may affect your ability to complete the ride safely.
Meet the age minimum of 15 years AND the height requirement of 4’10” or taller.
Understand, acknowledge, and adhere to ALL provided rules and guidelines.
Have not gone scuba diving within 24 hours prior to the activity. (Check with your dive master for details)


Your safety and the safety of others that use the road is our top priority, so we ask that you know before you go, what this activity entails and the risks involved in such activity.