This activity can be safe and a lot of fun.  Please understand that this activity is not without risk.  As with any activity of this adventurous nature, there are inherent risks involved.  Please thoroughly read through our risk acknowledgment form. With that said, to minimize the possibility of accidents, riders should diligently follow the rules and guidelines provided to them.  In addition please ride responsibly. You are in control of your own self, know your limits and capabilities.

Bikers will be descending from 6,500ft. to sea level, but that ride down is spread out amongst 23 miles. There are also switch backs at the higher elevations resulting in a constant downhill but not extremely steep ride. Do not brake too hard. (The average grade of the route is 5%)


Support for Bikers

A support vehicle is available for your convenience at all times.  “Self-guided” does not mean that you are all alone. Guided tours will have the escort vehicle behind them.  We are always available if you need assistance with anything. We advise you to bring a cell phone with you on your trip, and if you do need help of any kind please just give us a call and we will be to your location promptly. We are never more than a half hour away.


  • Understand and acknowledge the risks involved in such an activity and sign a risk acknowledgment form before riding
  • Be 12 years old or older
  • Have recent bike riding experience
  • Be over 4’10” tall
  • Be physically capable of enduring this outdoor activity
  • Be free of any medications that may cause drowsiness
  • Not be pregnant
  • Not weigh over 270 lbs
  • Wear closed-toe shoes