There are almost endless things to do on Maui, but a few stand out as more adventurous than others.

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Exploring Iao Valley Inn

If you haven’t visited the scenic Iao Valley State Park, you’ll be missing out on one of our favorite places to escape on Maui. Lush cliffs, rolling clouds, calming sounds from the nearby Iao Valley stream, and the majestic Iao Needle make it special.  

Iao Valley

But what makes it truly special lies beneath your feet: This historic valley was the setting for one of the bloodiest battles in Hawaiian History.  In 1790, Kamehameha waged the Battle of Kepaniwai with hopes to unite the Hawaiian Islands. We won’t share more from this fascinating historic spot because there are plaques around the State Park to read on.

Local Tip: Visit Iao Valley State Park early to avoid crowds, enjoy cooler temperatures for hiking, and get better lighting for photos. The park opens at 7 AM. Wear layers and bring rain gear for changing weather.


Visit Haleakala at SUNSET

Most visitors are told to visit Haleakala during sunrise, which can offer what many describe as an “awe-inspiring” sunrise through the clouds below.  It’s true, this is an unforgettable experience, but many don’t think to visit Haleakala during sunset! 

Haleakala Sunset

Imagine a sunset above the clouds with fewer people and not having to wake early!  There are many reasons why sunset at 10,023 feet is worth looking into.

Local Tip:  Dress warmly and arrive before sunrise for breathtaking views at Haleakala Summit (you either need to be going on the tour above or make reservations ahead of time). It’s cold at the top, even in summer. Again, reservations are required for sunrise viewing, so if you didn’t make them well in advance, do a tour.


Adventures in Maui Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of our favorite activities on Maui. From endemic fish species only found in Hawaii to stunning views of Maui’s unique underwater landscape, we recommend heading out with a master dive guide. (Just remember to book it a few days away from both visiting Haleakala and flying.)

Maui scuba tours

Without a doubt, one of the most friendly and photogenic animals you’re guaranteed to see in Maui is the beloved Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, or honu (though you need to keep your distance!) Also keep an eye out for octopus, anglerfish, conger eels, parrotfish, starfish, and more!

Many scuba schools offer Maui scuba tours for every level of diver, from beginner scuba diving lessons to more advanced specialties such as PADI Rescue Diver and Advanced Open Water Certification. For adventurous or experienced divers looking for more of a thrill, we recommend a Scooter Dive or Night Dive.

Local Tip: Choose morning dives for calmer waters and better visibility. Verify your dive company’s reputation and ensure they respect local marine life regulations.  And you already know this, but always dive with a buddy!


A Night on the Water

When friends come to visit in Maui, or when the mood to feel particularly fancy strikes, one of our favorite things to do is hop aboard a Maui sunset cocktail cruise for a night out on the water. While driving the Road to Hana is a great way to escape and reconnect with nature, a boat ride does similar things for the soul. Feeling the ocean breeze, hearing the waves and live ukelele music, and enjoying stunning views of a stunning place, adult beverage in hand, is one of the most relaxing ways to end a day in paradise.

Maui sunset cruise

There are many boat companies on Maui that offer a variety of sunset cocktail cruises. On our recent sunset cocktail cruise for a friend’s birthday, we were greeted and promptly given the please-don’t-puke-on-the-boat, the-bathrooms-are-here spiel, followed by a warm welcome from the bar staff and an exceptional view of South Maui from Maalaea Harbor.
Once out on the open ocean, the bar was open for business and Adult Relaxation 101 was open for enrollment. After enjoying a cocktail with good company and beautiful views of the West Maui Mountains, the neighbor island of Lana’i, and Haleakala Volcano aboard the top deck, and pupus were sent out.

Pupus indeed, brah! A buffet of shrimp cocktail, hummus, artichoke dip, chicken, ribs, crackers, Thai chile sauce, and fresh fruit was served up with a smile, and top deck views of the sun fading into the horizon and the Maui skyline was one for the books. Strawberry shortcake and more live Hawaiian music were served for dessert, and our friends felt truly welcome and grateful to spend a night outdoors under the stars with good company.

Local Tip:  Book in advance to secure a spot. Opt for boats offering meals or pupus with local, seasonal ingredients. Bring a light jacket for cooler evening breezes.


Luxury Car Rentals with Maui Roadsters

When most people think of luxury cars on Maui, they imagine getting picked up from the airport in a stretch limo, renting a rugged Hummer that can weather even the most uneven of roads, and even the occasional Harley Davidson for those who prefer to explore the island by bike.

Maui luxury Cars

Maui Roadsters has introduced a whole new type of classic car rentals to Maui with their fleet of meticulously maintained and classically envied 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Convertible reproductions.

Not only are these cars the sexiest thing on the road since pavement, but they’re perfect for enjoying unobstructed views of Maui the way they were meant to be seen. They’re very popular for those getting married in Maui.

Porsche rentals are available for either 4 or 12 hours and include unlimited miles. All cars seat two people and have manual transmissions. Choose from a range of colors and personalities and turn your classic car dream into a reality in a tropical Hawaiian paradise. This is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, wedding, portrait session, engagement celebration, and a special day with a loved one.

For more information or to book a day of car bliss, please contact Maui Roadsters directly.

Local Tip: The last time we had one of these Porsches, we made sure to plan fun around the entire island for the full day.  We ate a restaurants across the island from the beaches we visited.  It’s the one time in your life where you want to drive a lot!

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