Maui may be synonymous with tiki torch-lit luaus and blissing out on the beach, but for the more intrepid traveler, the island is a veritable playground brimming with one-of-a-kind activities.

Maui activities update

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a water baby, a bar fly or a foodie, a mother of three or completely unencumbered, here are ten adventures that will take your vacation from well-spent to utterly outstanding:


1. Soar Down the Slopes

At 10,023 feet above sea level, Haleakala is the largest (and arguably most spectacular) dormant volcano in the world. It’s also the chief spot to view Maui’s magnificence, from the crater’s stark and surreal moonscapes to the jaw-dropping vistas of the valleys and beaches below.

bike haleakala

Haleakala Bike Company offers both seasoned and sporadic cyclists the chance to soar down the crater’s slopes on its Maui Bike Tours. With trails that descend from the lip of the summit through gauzy clouds, misty forests, and sun-splashed terrain—all of it accompanied by mind-blowing vistas—biking down Haleakala is bound to get your heart pumping in more ways than one.


2. Zip Above the Trees

Maui isn’t all beach umbrellas and unsullied golden sand. Rainforests, rivers, gorges, and gulches comprise a large chunk of the island, earning Maui the well-fitting moniker of the Valley Isle. And what better way to see its wetter, wilder side than zooming over it on a zipline?

Maui Zipline Company

Maui Zipline Company offers breathtaking rides over and through the Maui Tropical Plantation. We love maui Zipline Co. for many reasons including their fun staff, beautiful views and convenient location.  They can take kids as young as 5 years old, and they’ve thrilled adults up to 88!

Kaanapali zipline

Soaring over plantation over Waikapu is amazing.  Skimming tree tops over rainforest on the slopes of Haleakala is exhilarating.  But why not throw in an incredible view of the ocean and nearby islands with Skyline Hawaii’s Kaanapali zipline coarse.  All of Maui’s various ziplines are fun, but the Kaanapali ziplines are truly unique and worth visiting, especially if you’re already staying on the west side.


3. Get lost

With its tony resorts and pristine golf courses, it’s easy to forget that the south side of Maui was once home to miles of unspoiled dryland and acres and acres of lava fields. Experience the island’s past by hiking part of King’s Highway in La Perouse.

la perouse

Set against the stunning backdrop of the crater’s slopes, the four-mile path takes you across barren fields of undulating lava and past tide pools, blowholes, shrines, and sugar-sanded beaches. The dearth of visitors on this ancient trail will make you feel as if you’re in another era entirely. Wear hardy shoes and bring lots of water: this hike is often as hot as it is striking.


4. Gaze Away

From grinning manta rays to tiger-striped eels, yellow trumpet fish to Picasso triggerfish, Molokini—a partially submerged horseshoe of a crater off of Maui’s southwestern shore—is a snorkeler’s Shangri-La.

snorkeling at Molokini

The best way to take advantage of its splendor is aboard a snorkeling catamaran offering daily excursions and a chance to make memories so indelible there’s no way they’ll fade with your tan. Before you choose, check out these Molokini snorkeling charters.

sailing Maui

And for those that want all the luxuries of a large catamaran, check out Kai Kanani’s sunrise Molokini Tour.  Not only will you arrive before anyone else, but you’ll experience sunrise in a truly unique and remarkable way.  Haleakala is touted as the sunrise that can’t be missed.  But when visiting Molokiini at sunrise, you get an equally impressive sunrise only without having to get up nearly as early.


5. View in Comfort

We’re finding more and more Maui visitors that love the island but aren’t big on swimming or snorkeling. Many of these visitors want to experience the underwater world and natural beauty of our reefs, and now they can!  

Maui Reef Dancer

Experience the wonder of our ocean in a semi-submerged, glass bottom boat with Maui Reef Dancer out of Lahaina Harbor.


6. Fly Like a Bird

Literally. Proflight Paraglyding offers solo and tandem paragliding tours from an expert team, allowing fearless flyers to see Maui’s majesty from 3,000 feet above ground.


With launches from the verdant grounds of Polipoli, these aerial tours blend exhilaration with spine-tingling views, reminding gliders why Maui is often referred to as no ka oi.


7. Make an Impression

It’s no secret that Maui is lacking in nightlife activities.  That being said, those in the know find unique opportunities to party with drinks, snacks, music and creativity at Island Art Party.  Here you’ll have everything done for you, except for the fun parts.  You’ll be painting within minutes of arrival.

Maui painting party

We’ve gone 3 times already and are planning another one for this summer.  This is so much fund, and you get a personal souvenir to take home.


8. Take the Controls

Never did we dream we’d fly a plane.  It just wasn’t on my radar, no pun intended.  But, when the opportunity presented, we didn’t regret having experienced taking off on the run way.  This is a bucketlist item I never knew I needed!  With Fly Maui HI’s Discovery Flight, you learn how everything works in the cockpit and are able to take off and fly around Maui!

fly Maui Hawaii

We highly suggest bringing a friend or 2.  You’ll get a chance to see Maui views found nowhere else!  It’s a great way to grab incredible photos for your vacation reel.


9. Jump Off a Cliff

There’s hiking within a few hundred feet of stunning waterfalls and immense jungle walls, and then there’s rappelling down the face of them.

rappel Maui

Rappel Maui calls to the Tarzan inside all of us, taking courage to new heights as you hike, swim, climb, and rappel in a lush and secluded rainforest off of Maui’s famous Hana Highway. Named one of the best outdoor activities on the island, its staff puts safety first—but exhilaration doesn’t fall too far behind.


10. Go Off-Roading!

Join West Maui Off Road Adventures for a UTV tour that will stretch your current beliefs about Maui’s off the beaten path beauty.  Explore trails over 1,400 acres of land along the West Maui Mountains.  For the adventurous, this is a Maui Must-Do!

West Maui off-road tours

Want more inside Maui tips?

Find The Aloha 360 Podcast on your favorite streaming app and listen to John and Leslie share their own experiences as residents and explorers of paradise.  Even if you’re just looking for something to help get excited for an upcoming trip, these 2 are some of the best Maui has to offer as far as insight and aloha!


rappel comments

We are excited to announce that we have re-opened with safety measures in place to help protect your health while enjoying time on Maui.   (click here for our COVID-19 Policy)



Know Before You Go

Haleakala is a 10,000 ft volcano and as you bike the distance of up to 23 miles, you will experience incredible views, a fascinating history, and underappreciated culture. However, you are also riding in unfamiliar territory, through unpredictable weather, on rental bicycles, and on paved public roadways.

Elements to be Aware of on Bike Ride:

Some elements that you need to be aware of may include but are not limited to the following:

Curving/winding paved roads with many 180 degree turns
Steep inclines and declines
Road reflectors, guardrails, and pylons in place for cars, not for bicycles
Roadway debris
Varying climate including hot and cold temperatures, dry and wet weather, and high altitude
Vehicular traffic – private and commercial

Before you participate in this activity, please consider the risks involved which are not limited to those listed here or in the waiver and risk acknowledgement form. You must be capable of competently riding a bicycle and should have recent biking experience.

Requirements to Participate:

Have recent biking experience
Ability to use a mountain bike with disc brakes, suspension, and gears
Capable of completing a 23 mile downhill bike ride at a safe speed
Physically healthy and not have health concerns that may affect your ability to complete the ride safely.
Meet the age minimum of 12 years AND the height requirement 4’10” or taller.
Understand, acknowledge and adhere to ALL provided rules and guidelines.


Your safety and the safety of others that use the road is our top priority, so we ask that you know before you go, what this activity entails and the risks involved in such activity.



Staying Healthy at Bike Maui

Social Distancing, Mask Wearing & Cleaning/Sanitizing

Bike Maui is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and activity for all our employees and
guests. We have developed a comprehensive preparedness plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
in order to safeguard the safety and health of everyone on our tours. Below is a summary of what to
expect on your Bike Maui adventure:

Before You Arrive

Thorough training of staff on preventing the spread of germs and viruses
All common areas will be sanitized
All vehicle interiors will be sanitized
All bikes will be sanitized
All helmets and gear will be sanitized
Masks will be worn by all employees

When You Arrive

Wear a mask
Have temperature taken
Sanitize hands
Answer health questions regarding COVID-19
Practice social distancing as much as possible

During Your Tour

Do not share your helmet, bike, or gear with other guests
Masks should be worn by all attendees (both staff and guests)
Maintain social distancing as much as possible
If you or a member of your party feels ill at any time during your tour, stop immediately and
report it to our staff

Together, we can provide a safe and incredibly fun activity to enjoy while on Maui.
Mahalo for your cooperation and understanding and get ready to enjoy the best bike ride…EVER!

* This plan is based on information from the CDC and OSHA at the time of its development and is
subject to change based on further information provided by the CDC, OSHA, and other government and
public health officials. Bike Maui may amend this plan based on safety, operational needs, and new

If anyone is unable or unwilling to comply, or have failed to meet the COVID safety requirements, we have the right to refuse service for the safety of both staff and visitors.