An Epic 3-Day Itinerary for Maui

If you’re looking to visit Maui and explore our favorite Hawaiian island, then you’ve come to the right place. This three-day itinerary is full of fun activities to help you make the most of your time on Maui.

Though we’d never recommend only 3 days on the Valley Isle, you can still experience quite a bit. Read on for a guide to the top places and attractions on Maui:

Maui Itinerary Highlights


Maui Itinerary Day 1: Road to Hana

Start your first day with a tour along the North Shore of Maui on the Road To Hana. There’s so much to see in East Maui, and far too many ways to screw up this trip, so we suggest taking a Road To Hana Tour. Along the Hana Highway where you’ll be able to take in views of lush rainforests, waterfalls, a black sand beach, the Seven Sacred Pools, and other breathtaking scenery. Your driver will stop at some of the best roadside stands for snacks (Aunty Sandy’s banana bread, yum!), teach you about Hawaiian history, and show you some of the best views on this side of the island!

Maui Itinerary Road To Hana


Maui Itinerary Day 2: Haleakalā National Park

There are many ways to explore Haleakala National Park. The park is home to stunning views of volcanic craters, lava rock formations, the West Maui Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean from above and within the clouds. The most popular time to visit is during sunrise, which now requires a reservation. If you do a tour with Haleakala Eco Tours or decide to bike down through Upcountry Maui with Bike Maui, you won’t need to get your own reservation. Don’t forget your camera because these panoramic vistas are simply breathtaking.

Maui Itinerary Haleakala


Maui Itinerary Day 3: Snorkeling & Shopping

On your last day on Maui, take a Lanai Dolphin & Snorkeling Tour from the west coast of Maui before hitting up some local shops in Lahaina Town. You’ll visit some of the most secluded coral reefs in Hawaii, full of tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine life. Don’t forget your reef-safe sunscreen! (Not into snorkeling? Hop on a whale-watching tour instead.) You’ll also have time to explore Lahaina afterward. Here you can find unique souvenirs as well as tasty treats like shave ice and acai bowls that are perfect for a hot Maui day. For dinner, head over to Mala or Lahaina Grill, both located right on Front Street—some of the best food in West Maui!

Maui Itinerary Lahaina Snorkel Shop


Use This Itinerary As A Guide

Maui has something for everyone, no matter what type of traveler you are—adventurous or laid back. Whether your days are spent exploring national parks or relaxing on incredible beaches with a cool drink in hand, there’s plenty here that will keep even the most discerning traveler content during their Maui vacation. With this three-day itinerary as your guide, make sure to take lots of pictures and plan on more time for your next visit. Aloha!

Maui Itinerary Sea Turtle

Hawaii Ecotourism Association’s mission is to protect Hawaii’s unique, natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel and educational programs.

The National Association for Interpretation (NAI) is dedicated to advancing the profession of heritage interpretation and facilitating the stories of our natural and cultural resources.



Know Before You Go

Haleakala is a 10,000 ft volcano and as you bike down Haleakala through scenic Upcountry Maui, you will experience incredible views, a fascinating history, and underappreciated culture. However, you are also riding in unfamiliar territory, through unpredictable weather, on rental bicycles, and on paved public roadways.

Elements to be Aware of on Bike Ride:

Some elements that you need to be aware of may include but are not limited to the following:

Curving/winding paved roads with many 180 degree turns
Steep inclines and declines
Road reflectors, guardrails, and pylons in place for cars, not for bicycles
Roadway debris
Varying climate including hot and cold temperatures, dry and wet weather, high altitude and minimal visibility
Vehicular traffic – private and commercial

Before you participate in this activity, please consider the risks involved which are not limited to those listed here or in the waiver and risk acknowledgement form. You must be capable of competently riding a bicycle and should have recent biking experience.

Requirements to Participate:

Have recent biking experience
Ability to use a mountain bike with disc brakes, suspension, and gears
Capable of completing several miles of a downhill bike ride at a safe speed
Physically healthy and not have health concerns that may affect your ability to complete the ride safely.
Meet the age minimum of 15 years AND the height requirement of 4’10” or taller.
Understand, acknowledge, and adhere to ALL provided rules and guidelines.
Have not gone scuba diving within 24 hours prior to the activity. (Check with your dive master for details)


Your safety and the safety of others that use the road is our top priority, so we ask that you know before you go, what this activity entails and the risks involved in such activity.