What time is check-in?

Our Sunrise times do vary depending on the time of the year. The earliest check in time would be at 2:30am, the latest for Sunrise 4:00am. Our Day trips all have an 8:30am check in.

Where are you located and how do we get there?

We are located in the Haiku Marketplace in Haiku. 810 Haiku Road Suite 120 Haiku, HI 96708. Check out our maps for direction.

What’s drive time to your shop?

Coming from the South side of Maui Wailea/Makena it should take about an hour to get to Haiku. From Kihei, 45 minutes. On the West side, from Lahaina it’s about a 1 hours drive. From Ka’anapali 1 hour and 15 minutes. From Kapalua 1 hour 30 minutes.

How long is the trip?

The bike route is a 23 mile ride down Haleakala. Because our bike trips are self-guided, bikers will be coming down the mountain at various paces and therefore end up back at our shop at different times. But on average our Sunrise bike riders finish up around 10:30am including a stop for breakfast. The Express ride will finish up around 12:30pm, and since the Summit Deluxe does include the park tour and a trip to the crater, will finish up around 2:30pm.

If picked up, do we get a ride back?

Yes, a return trip is included with the pickup option. For a ride back after Sunrise you have to return to our shop by 10:30am. For a ride back after the Summit Deluxe, 2:30pm is our take back time.

What are the age requirements?

Bike Maui does not have an official age limit or minimum, however we recommend riders be at least 12 years old and meet the following requirements. All riders and their guardians must be competent bike riders, acknowledge the risks involved in such an activity, adhere to any provided rules and guidelines, and appropriately fit the available equipment for the activity.  Our custom Kona Bikes are designed for riders of various sizes.  Guests who are 4”10’’ or taller and able to fit on an adult bicycle are allowed to participate if they are able to meet the above requirements.

Are there weight restrictions?

Not really. The manufacturer limit on our KONA Mountain Bikes is 300lbs. We do not have any weight restrictions other than that.

What are the skill requirements?

You have to know how to ride a bike. You don’t have to be a pro, but just know how to use hand brakes. Since the ride is Self-Guided, you are able to maintain your own comfortable pace coming down the mountain. You make it as safe as you want it, without having to feel rushed or hurried down by a group.

What’s the temperature like?

The Summit of Haleakala is at 10,000ft. and it’s said that you lose 3 degrees per 1,000 ft. you climb so at that elevation it will always be chilly. For the Sunrise hours it can even be freezing Sunrise temperatures can get into the 30s and if during our Day trips, temperatures will be approximately in the 60s. The summit however will have a different temperature than the base of Haleakala which would be in the 80s when you finish.

How should we dress?

Dress appropriately for the cold weather at the summit. A sweatshirt and long pants are recommended. But you’ll want to have some layers under that. That will keep you warm at the summit, but allow you to shed your layers as you make your way down the mountain and encounter warmer temperatures.

What do we provide?

Bike Maui will furnish rain gear, jacket and pants. We also provide gloves and backpacks to put all that gear in if you feel you don’t need it at any point of the bike ride. We also will provide you with an informative and entertaining tour up Haleakala, maps and directions back to shop, entrance into Haleakala National Park. KONA Mountain Bikes and full face helmets provided to you as well.

Is food included?

We do not provide any food other than coffee and cocoa at our shop. Along the bike ride down however there are several options and restaurants that you can stop off at and eat at if you chose. Our drivers will point out a couple recommendations to you as we drive up Haleakala.

Do I get to see the crater?

Yes! Entrance into Haleakala National park is included. So that means you do get a trip to the very Summit of Haleakala, where you will have a chance to see the crater and visit Haleakala National Park Visitors Center at the Summit.

Self-Guided or Guided?

ALL of our bike rides are self-guided and have been for 16 years. This allows bikers to come down at their own comfortable rate and pace. Whether it be fast or slow, with many stops or with minimal stops. You have the freedom to make the bike ride down what you want it to be.

Is it steep?

You will be descending from 6,500ft. to sea level, but that ride down is spread out amongst 23 miles. There are also switch backs at the higher elevations resulting in a constant downhill but not extremely steep ride. The average grade of the route is a 5%.

What if we end up not wanting to bike or something happens along the route down?

Our bike rides are all self-guide but that does not mean that you are all alone. We are always available if you need assistance with anything. We advise you to bring a cell phone with you on your trip, and if you do need help of any kind please just give us a call and we will be to your location promptly. We are never more than a half hour away.


What’s your cancelation policy?


All paid bookings will be charged a ten percent (10%) cancellation fee in the last 15 days before departure. It is our way of charging off processing fees associated with a sale that is otherwise unrecoverable. The last 48 hours before departure, you will be charged a fifty percent (50%) cancellation fee. The last 24 hours before the tour – Absolutely no refund. No Refunds on “No Shows”.

Activities may be canceled by Bike Maui for reasons including but not limited to inclement weather, lack of participation, etc. In the event of a canceled activity the following options will be available to the clients. A trip that is cancelled prior to any provided transportation into Haleakala National Park will result in a NO CHARGE and the option to RESCHEDULE. Any activity called off at the designated staging area after entering Haleakala National Park will be charged an automatic 50% of the total trip cost and have the option of rescheduling their bike ride for the balance of the original price.

Any activity canceled or rescheduled by the individual clients within 24 hours of their activity date including the day of the activity, will be CHARGED IN FULL on the original scheduled day of their activity. Customers that are unable to reschedule will receive a rain check voucher for the activity that can be redeemed at a later date.

Customers that choose to opt out of the bike ride portion for personal reasons that may vary, will be charged in full, but will receive a rain check voucher that they may use at a later date based on space available.

After all these years, we finally had to institute a policy. Sorry!