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Voted the best land tour on Maui!

CRUISER PHIL’S is a highly acclaimed family run Guided Downhill bike tour company since 1998. We have merged with Bike Maui and Haleakala Eco Tours who will provide excellent transportation services into Haleakala National Park, with Guides that are Nationally Certified by the National Association for Interpretation. All Bicycle tours begin at the staging area of 6500 ft, descending down to the historical coastal town of Ha’iku.


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Phil Feliciano Director Of OperationsPhil Feliciano, Local Boy. Started riding bikes around Oahu I n the 60’s as a teenager, and brought his Bike to Maui and begged his Grandfather to take him up to Haleakala so he could coast on down.

Later in 1983, he got started in the downhill industry leading groups from the summit to the sea. After thousands of successful tours he decided to Open Cruiser Phil’s Volcano Riders in 1998. Cruiser Phil’s quickly became the Star of the industry. After 20 years in business he was able to merge into Bike Maui forming the most complete bicycle tour company, offering both the Cruiser Phil’s Guided tours and Bike Maui’s self-guided tours.


Guests are part of an escorted bike tour. Guided tours begin with amazing stories of Hawaii’s rich history and culture told by Certified Interpretive Guides on the way to the summit of Haleakala National Park. Hotel and Cruise Ship pick-up and drop-off is available.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy as our certified guides share with you their knowledge of Haleakala National Park’s unique environment on the way up to the summit. Once there, take in one of nature’s most amazing sights: Sunrise from atop Haleakala! Afterward, riders will embark at 6,500 ft. for an epic bike ride down the volcano, stopping in Kula for an in-depth Upcountry Maui Van Tour and then resuming the bike ride down to the historic North Shore town of Ha’iku. Check-in time 3:00 am



For those who like to sleep in, our morning tour offers riders the opportunity to experience the wonders of Haleakala National Park along with an incredible guided bike ride down the volcano and the Upcountry Maui Van Tour. Then riders will resume biking down to the historic North Shore town of Ha’iku without having to get up so early. Check-in time is 8:00 am.




A great tour for those whose main focus is biking down the volcano. While this tour does not visit Haleakala National Park, it does offer the same epic guided bike ride down the mountain, an Upcountry Maui Van Tour, and another bike ride down to the historic North Shore town of Ha’iku. Check-in time is 9:30 am.




Looking for an amazingly fun activity for your family, wedding party, corporate outing or other large group? Reserve one of our exclusive private guided bike tours and we will custom design a tour around your guest’s interests. Hotel pick-up and return, luxury vans, professionally trained and certified guides, exclusive to your group only, breakfast lunch and dinner options, and custom itineraries are available with all private tours. Check-in time varies.



Haven’t been on a bike in many years or just want to take it easy and enjoy the beautiful scenery? Then join us on one of our non-biking vehicle tours. Explore the sights and smells of Upcountry Maui on our way up to Haleakala National Park. Once inside the park, learn about the unique plants, birds and geologic formations which makes the environment of Haleakala unlike anywhere else in the world.




“Wanna go on a bike ride on your own? Check out our self-guided tours!”

See what our bikers have to say

Wonderful sunrise and bike ride!

Derek and Trevor were outstanding! I went on this ride with my 18 yo, 16 yo and 14 yo kids. We met the van at 2 am which is no easy task with teens. They loved the trip! Wonderful sunrise. Derek and Trevor were informative and funny. Bike ride was amazing. Kids and I are thrilled. Finish off with breakfast at Cafe Mambo. It was wonderful!

Erin486 | TripAdvisor

Still the best ride 17 years later

We took our teenage girls on this ride — they were very skeptical … and they loved it!! I will say I wasn’t super impressed with our guide. But it’s not a hard excursion.

elizabeth S. | TripAdvisor

Great way to start the vacation

1:30 am pickup time from Kaanipalli tough to swallow initially but worth getting up early, and hey it’s 6hrs behind anyway. Middle of August and still really cold and windy at the top of the crater…wear more clothes than you think. Bike ride down was not strenuous at all, thrill level a 4/10, accommodated people of different levels, scenic ride through eucalyptus groves and a fun guide (we had Drew). 2 activities in one is pretty good value!

Wander | TripAdvisor

Best sunrise ever

Great way to start the day! Bill, our driver and Trey, our tour guide were both excellent! Bill was quite the expert on so many details of the sites. Trey had a great sense of humor and ensured everyone’s safety on the bike ride. We highly recommend this great tour!

MCputty | TripAdvisor

Great ride

We had a great ride down the mountain with Cruiser Phil’s. Our guide Trevor did a really good job and was a lot of fun. Very safe ride with very little pedaling. Great scenery. Lots of stops.

indy donald | TripAdvisor


Cruiser Phil’s has been in the downhill bicycle industry since 1983 and is a known proponent for the Maui Bike Industry having helped bike companies make advances in tour procedures throughout the years. Cruiser Phil’s Volcano Riders have been offering safe bike tours down Haleakala for many years with a variety of different tour options. Come enjoy breathtaking views and the thrill of adventure with the experienced Cruiser Phil’s Team!

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