upcountry roadsAfter almost 2 decades of successful vehicle tours of Haleakala National Park in conjunction with our bike tours, Bike Maui is having Haleakala EcoTours handle all transportation including non-bike tours of Haleakala, Upcountry Maui and even the Central Valley.

We’re excited to announce that effective January 1st, 2018, Haleakala EcoTours will be one of the very few authorized partners to Haleakala National Park. Haleakala EcoTours will be responsible for all vehicular tours as well as Bike Maui vehicular transportation.

These Haleakala/Upcountry tours can be purchased from Haleakala EcoTours directly or by calling (808) 575-9575.

The Sunrise Tour allows you to visit Haleakala National Park, watch the sunrise from the summit, view Haleakala Crater, and tour beautiful Upcountry Maui.

Tour participants will be treated with and extended tour of Upcountry Maui.  Through the towns of Kula, Makawao, Paia and Waikapu, you will receive lots of great information about these towns, their history, and their culture.

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Give us a call and learn more! (808) 575-9575

Call now for pickup times at your hotel, condo, or cruise ship.  Check on availability.