Ride for miles from the summit of Haleakala all the way down to the Kula Lavender Farm. This ride usually requires another vehicle at the bottom. Below are maps and directions.

To conquer the Haleakala Skyline Trail, you’ll need to rent a mountain bike, then take 2 cars up towards Haleakala on Hakealaka Hwy (377.) Then ride up Crater Road (Hwy 378.)

Leave a car at Kula Fields Lavender Farm Before driving up Crater Road (see map.), then take another one up to the summit of Haleakala Crater with the bikes.

Once you get to the summit, keep driving till you pass the green cattle guard (see lower detail map.) You should see a sign saying Skyline Trail and a bunch of dishes and antennas. Park in this area, then prep for the ride!

Make sure to bring a helmet, water, and something to fix a flat. Also, take care at the beginning of the ride. The gravel is very loose and a bit treacherous if you’re going too fast.

Why is it special?

This is known as one of the best downhill rides in the world. The views are unsurpassed. It’s mostly all downhill, which makes it even more fun.

Mamane Trail

If you’re an experienced mountain biker, you can try the Mamane Trail. Ride along the Skyline Trail and you’ll find the Mamane Trail, which in turn finishes back on the Skyline Trail. Look for a sign saying Mamane Trail.

Take this trail SLOW. Both the Skyline and the Mamane Trails have portions of them where you’ll be riding on lava gravel and sand that makes for a loose sketchy ride. Take care especially around corners.

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Be Safe and Ride with Aloha!
haleakala skyline ridge trail map
haleakala summit detail map

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