Be Wary of Internet-only activity booking companies!! Go directly to the activity vendors for best prices and guaranteed bookings!


Beware of “Internet only” booking agencies. In recent years there has been extreme growth of such organizations Unfortunately, some of those agencies are nothing short of scams! They have no relationship with the vendor, like our company. They take information and photo’s from vendor sites without permission. They then offer our products to you, the consumer. They charge your credit card, and issue you a voucher for our services or products. Some don’t bother even to advise vendor of your reservation. Vendor has no way of collecting on these vouchers, and will probably refuse service.

Be safe, deal direct with the vendor! Maui activity companies all want your experience here to be memorable, in a good way. There are agencies on island that have excellent reputations with offices located here on Maui. If you need an agency, do your homework, most are reputable.

Bike Maui is celebrating 20+ Years of operation. Don’t miss this great trip, it is the most popular thing to do in Maui.

This is our opportunity to relay the importance of planning and finalizing your activities before arriving on Maui. Haleakala Crater is one of the most popular activities and books up fast. Our suggestion is simply this: take advantage of the guaranteed online reservations available with most activity businesses or call direct and get your questions answered with Aloha. You will come to find out that the majority of activity businesses want to make sure you have a positive experience here on Maui, and will provide the extra service to make sure this happens.