This is the route you’ll be taking down Haleakala on your self-guided Maui bike tour.

Enjoy your journey down the slopes of Haleakala at your leisure on Maui’s best bike tour! Take your time, stop for lunch, take great photos, and enjoy the natural landscapes and quaint towns along your route. Please call (808) 575-9575 with any questions. Travel safe!

maui haleakala bike route map

Rules of The Road


1. HELMETS ARE A MUST! No Questions! You cannot grow a new brain.

2. CONCENTRATION Always be aware of what is in front of you. Avoid looking behind you. Save your sightseeing for the side of the road.

3. AVOID ALL DISTRACTIONS Do not attempt to adjust clothing, clean glasses, use your phone, use camera, or smoke while riding.

4. KEEP BOTH HANDS ON THE HANDLEBARS AND BOTH FEET ON THE PEDALS at all times to best maintain full control of the bike.

5. AVOID PANIC STOPS Steady pressure on the brakes is best for a smooth stop. Front and rear brakes should always be used at the same time to prevent going over the handlebars or skidding out.

6. STAY TO THE RIGHT & AVOID THE CENTERLINE Avoid traffic as best as you can, ride as far to the right of your lane as possible and close to the white line. Avoid the center line. Uphill traffic can cross the center line especially in sharp turns.

7. IF A BIKE LANE IS PROVIDED PLEASE USE IT When there is suitable space beyond the white line, please use it with caution. If you don’t feel safe doing so, please stay as close to the white line without compromising your safety.

8. YIELD TO DOWNHILL TRAFFIC This goes for both bikers and vehicles. When being approached from behind, maintain a straight line, but allow room for the passing vehicle to overtake you.

9. SINGLE FILE Local authorities say you cannot ride side by side. Just like any other vehicle on the road — You must ride single file.

10. SPACING Keep at least 40-50 feet between bicycles to allow enough space to maneuver if the lead bike is to stop suddenly. There are no brake lights on bikes.

11. SOUND OFF WHEN PASSING When you are overtaking another bicycle, let them know you are coming around on their left.

12. SLOW BEFORE YOU GO INTO A CURVE You won’t be able to tell how sharp a turn can be until it’s too late.

13. DO NOT STOP ON BLIND CURVES You can never tell what’s coming up in front of you or up from behind you. Wait for straight sections for best visibility.

14. SLOW FOR CATTLE GUARDS Stay straight and steady and avoid using brakes while in contact with metal grating.

15. COMPLY WITH ROAD LAWS AND OBSERVE ALL POSTED STREET SIGNS Stop at stop signs and when crossing the street. Your bike is a licensed vehicle, so obey all traffic laws.

16. RIDE AT A SAFE SPEED Everyone has their own comfort zone. Ride responsibly and safely. You determine what a safe speed is for yourself.

17. STOP IF YOU DO NOT FEEL SAFE If you are having trouble with your bike or weather conditions are causing you problems, by all means STOP! Take a short breather and as conditions improve you may want to return to your bicycle. Our staff will be ready to assist you if you do decide to give us a call.

We reserve the right to remove you from the tour if you are a danger to yourself, others, or for any other reason.

If at any time you need assistance, we are a phone call away. (808) 575-9575

Your Mountain Crew Gladly Accepts Gratuities. Mahalo.